The Committee

The OGAE Malta Committee is made up of five members; President, Secretary, Treasurer and two members. The Committee is elected every two years or in extra-ordinary cases in an early election. All members of the club are eligible to vote and select the Committee members : 


Adrian Refaloworking as Sales and Groups co-ordinator with a local incoming travel agency. Has a great passion for travelling. He has started following Eurovision at the age of 11 when Malta competed with the duo, Paul Giordimaina and Georgina Abela in 1991. He has also been a Board committee member within OGAE International from 2011 until 2015. He joined OGAE Malta in 2006 and has been elected as President in June 2016.
Luke's involvement in OGAE Malta started in 2014, by organising several events which helped in the revival of the club. He assisted the Maltese delegation press team in Vienna in 2015, and was a delegate in Stockholm in 2016 where he was trusted with the video coverage for online promotion. Luke is a freelance cinematographer, and contributes to the Maltese music industry by collaborating with several artists in the production of their music videos. He is also currently completing his Bachelor of Arts in Media. In 2016 he got elected as the Secretary of the club.
A teacher and a journalist by profession, Edward’s passion towards the Eurovision started from a young age. He reported live from different Eurovision host cities for 12 consecutive years. Apart from the Eurovision passion he also enjoys reading and travelling. He joined OGAE Malta in 2006 and in 2016 he got elected as the Treasurer.
Joseph Barber Bonavia, 29 year old guy from Safi. My full time job is in hospital dealing with people with mental problems. I’ve been watching Eurovision since 1997, and it became my passion. Until now i’ve been twice to Eurovision but i’m looking forward for every year to go. ln July 2016 l got elected as a member of the OGAE Malta committee. Before that l used to organise Eurovision parties and Eurovision radio programmes. Way back in March 2016 l also made the Eurovision logo as a tattoo on my chest.
Matthew Chircop works in Hospitality. Has been following the Eurovision Song Contest since 2002. Worked closely with PBS during the Junior Eurovision 2014 as a Delegation Host. He became a full OGAE member in 2015, and in 2016 he got elected as a member of the committee.